Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Update!! Hog podge of things

I am soo stinkin tired from all the late night watching the games with football and baseball but it was well worth it after last night! Can you believe it? Tonight I will get to watch the recorded Sunday shoes like Kitchen Nightmares and whatever else was on and tomorrow my favorite show of all time!!!! HOUSE!!! I am so sucked into that show. Thank goodness I can record these things because I would never watch anything good if I had to be on a schedule about it. The TV mostly stays off in the house till the baby is asleep and I never put it on during the day. Anyone want to come pass out candy for me on Wed night? I am so unfun and really hate giving candy on Halloween.. The dog barking the baby whining and me having to get up and guess what they are dressed as.. I am always wrong!


SarahRachel said...

Yeah, I sucked at guessing what the trick or treaters were at my parent's house after Jackson finished trick or treating. Some of them are so random though!

Arrianah said...

I love the trick or treating pics. Too cute.