Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Plastic Plastic Everywhere!

Ok, so, I won't be running through my house throwing out all that is plastic. BUT I have read a ton of information today regarding the safe use of plastics and which are best and how they can effect fetus's, babies, and children with very low exposure. I also found that my dream bottles are made with the "bad" plastic. So even though I am very sad about it, I will be throwing out the Dr. Browns for the next baby. The bottles I will be trying next are considered safe and made without Bisphenol-A. They are called Born Free and I have them bookmarked to order. Of course I realize that My children will come in contact with the "bad" plastic anyway but with how often they drink bottles and sippies I am trying to find a safe alternative for those times. I am going to have to check out Playtex sippy cups because Logan has done really well with theirs after I take out the valve. He needs a super fast flow.

Click Here for a guide for the safe and unsafe plastics if you are interested.

I have embedded all of the links into the words or phrases so click them if you would like to read/see the information available.


madre adoptiva said...

From the research I have done, the Playtex sippy cups are safe. I believe the good plastic cups have the number 5 or 7 in the recycle symbol.

BePe Baby said...

Thanks!! I did check them out and they are the "less bad" plastic. I also checked my water bottles which are ok.