Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Adorable Husband.....NOT!

After informing me that he would not be home for dinner, I sort out the rest of my night with the baby. At 10:30 I head to bed and for what ever reason I can't seem to get myself to stop thinking.. At 12:30 Rob walks, or should I say stumbles in the front door. He collapses on the couch for 30 or 40 minutes till he decides he is spinning and fumbles his way to the bathroom. He spends the next hour and a half or so heaving on the floor of the bathroom. While I keep going back and forth to make sure I hear noise and he hasn't drown him self in the toilet or something.

At 3:00 AM, He comes into the room barely standing and still dressed. The sleeping dog awoke to an unexpected figure approaching him and went into attack mode.. For the dog, that really means bark like crazy while trying to escape.. The dog pissed him self all over me, trying to scramble on top of me, while Rob was reaching for him to shut him up..

Rob falls into the bed still dressed and falls asleep while I have to get up and clean the pee off my blanket, pillow and my arm :( I got 2 hours of sleep till the baby woke up crying and I feel wonderful. If you really want to see what a mood I am in feel free to call and test me.. I might hurt someone today.


madre adoptiva said...

Oh GOD! That would have just sent me over the edge. I can't believe he did that!! I'm sure he is feeling great today too. NOT!

Leah said...

I feel like crying for you. really. That is horrible. Hope you're day got better!!