Friday, November 2, 2007

I should do this more often

I got together with some friends from my old job (special education).. both current employees and past. I was actually shocked at the number of ladies who showed up. Kim-used to be speech -now at a new school, Kris-used to be teacher - now principal, Kristen-used toi be teacher now -reading specialist, Erin, Jen, Lauren all teachers, and me and Mandy - x-teachers.

I had missed a variety of ocassions so I felt I needed to try to make up for it ;)
WE had soo much food: shrimp cocktail, spinach and artichoke dip, keilbasa, calzone, quesadilla, veggies and dip, buffalo chix dip, and fruit with dip.. Logan's girlfriend Ella came to hang out for a couple of hours and he had a blast entertaining the ladies.

Anyway, someone mentioned needed some booties for a baby coming and it started a rampage.. I ended the night with 5 orders and over $100 in sales. I should get them all drunk more often :)

I still miss my job a lot :( but I also don't miss the stress and drama. I took my job way too seriously I think .


SarahRachel said...

That sounds like so much fun. I'm with you, sometimes I really miss teaching and DEFINITELY all the adult interaction. BUT my priorities have definitely changed and some things seem so trivial now that used to seem so important to me then. It sounds like a fun and LUCRATIVE night! =)

Arrianah said...

I agree! Sounds like a very fun and lucrative night. Way to go! And I wish I was in a position to really miss my job (parts of it). I'm in a position that I just don't want to go back period!