Friday, September 14, 2007

Night One Down! New Crib Continued.......

After a half hour of crying Logan went to sleep only to wake 10 minutes later find himself in a small wooden jail in the dark. With all the new furniture in his room, there is no where to put the small wall night light. We are going to have to get him one with a cord that will sit on his dresser. He had another crying fit, until I found a flashlight to use as a night light for him. I left the room and after another 15 - 20 minutes of crying he fell asleep. He slept fitfully and made lots of noises all night. I heard him and 1 and 2 Am and at 4. At 5 Am he woke crying. At that point I took him to bed with us and he fell right asleep only to have bad dreams :( He tossed and cried in his sleep till 6. I am fairly sure I slept from 6-7 Am so I couldn't tell you what he did in that hour. But at 7:00 on the dot his big head popped up and he started talking. Lucky he is so cute. Oh and obviously that picture was taken this am and not near a nap or sleep time. That is why he is jumping happily.

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