Friday, October 5, 2007

Yes I Am a Dork!

I went to see "So You Think You Can Dance" Last night. It is a dance show and the top ten finalists are touring. It was a good time. I felt a bit odd when the teeny boppers would scream like mad over the male dancers, although they are adorably cute (Neil, Danny, Pasha, Kameron, and Domenic) . People sitting around me kept starring at me and a few made comments about making sure I could get out quick if I went into labor. Got home late and didn't get enough sleep but it was worth it to have a night out. :)


madre adoptiva said...

Well, if you're a dork, then so am I! I have tickets to see the show in November. :D How was it??

BePe Baby said...

Then it is settled. You are a dork too LOL!! It was good. It was cool to see them in person, but at the same time you better see the difficulty and technique watching it on TV and close up. Not to say I won't go again next year because I probably will :) Neil and Dom where a hoot too. Cracking jokes and acting up :)