Monday, August 27, 2007

Toy Storage

I just had to share my new find.

So I have been super annoyed with toys lately. The toy box we have is great BUT all the little pieces from toys fall to the bottom and sets of things don't stay together, which makes finding all the parts to a toy terrible. So I have been looking for something to put in Logan's room that would be fun and can keep things more organized.
I have been eying it for a bit, but knew the quality was not gonna be the best ever.
This is a closet maid cube shelve unit and you buy the canvas cubes in what ever colors you want to go with your room. The cube unit came in what or natural. Like I said not top quality but perfect for a kids room or a play room. I paid around $70 with all the cubes too.


Arrianah said...

I wonder where you got those at. We've been debating about getting them for ages - every time we pass them at Target or see them somewhere else. I'm just worried that they may not last long?? Do they seem durable to you!

Great idea though!

Christina said...

I got them at Target. They are particle board so they will last a while, but not forever. I can tell you from experience they don't stand up too well to moves but I had some of there pieces before and I got more then a few years out of them :) To me it is worth the money since they are cheap enough.