Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lunch With Logan

First off every meal is an adventure with him..

  • He touches each piece of food, half squishing it, to check and figure out which piece he wants to eat. If he mistakenly grabs the wrong piece he will quickly spit it out.
  • He loves to throw food over the edge of the tray and try to see where it lands or if the doggie got it.
  • He signs all done by shaking his hands over his head. and sometimes will say it as well.
  • If he is frustrated he pulls his hair with his greasy fingers or covers his mouth.
  • When he wants more to eat he signs eat by bringing his hand to his mouth over and over. Sometimes he says "num num" for yum yum.
  • After he takes a drink from his cup he catapults it off of the tray, needing it to be completely out of his line of vision until he requires more liquid :) This annoys the crap out of me to no end.
  • He will eat fruit till he explodes.
  • He is always in a rush and has forgotten to chew more then once (including this morning) and scared the crap out of me while flailing around trying to breath. (we are signing up for CPR this week)
  • If you are not quick enough he slams his fists on the tray to let you know.
What a joy he is to eat with :)

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