Wednesday, December 5, 2007

13 Days in....I think

SO my head is in a fogg, but that is normal. I am struggling to keep my Bootie-Slipper orders organized. I am guessing I am gonna make a goof soon.

Don't let those pictures fool you,Logan is not a big fan of the new baby. He had a few cute moments trying to give him his pacifier or new socks and once kissed him on the head but other then that he has hit him, thrown things at him, hid his slippers and tried to smoother him under a blanket on numerous occassions. He tried to intercept whoever goes for the baby when he hears him cry. Over all it is pretty funny to see and a tad bit sad too. I know that in a few more weeks he won't even remember a time without the baby around but for now there is jealousy.

Logan is sleeping through the night again so far this week , THANK GOODNESS!!!!! Naps can still be tricky in the afternoon but I can't have it all I guess.

Landon sleeps ALOT. NOt at night of course but ALL DAY! He is a bit off with nursing. GOing 5 - 10 min and then sleepign till I change him or rouse him to cointinue and then another 5 min of nursing and asleep LOL.

Ben (He is the spoiled Bishon) loves the baby as he did when Logan was tiny.. lets us know when he cries and gets very concerned for him.. Almost as if he is a mother dog and the baby is his pup.. Kind of cute but annoying at times. He has settled down this week and pays less attention to him.

Rob is going back to work Friday and it is not soon enough. Men don't get it sometimes. That is all I am gonna say.

I have a real family now.. Crazy how that happened. My little SUV is full with the two carseats, the dog, Rob and Myself.

Logan is up from his nap and it is time to get lunch ready. :)


jilltan said...

It will get easier! You're doing great! I love the comment about Rob going back to work! I totally understand -- I always found it easier to do it all on my own that have to explain or what for DH to "get it"!

Those are adorable pictures!!

SarahRachel said...

You definitely sound like you have your hands full! I'm sure Logan and Landon will eventually be the best of friends!

Brenda said...

Send hubby to work! LOL I totally agree, though. I've been thinking of all you girls with new little ones....seems like most days I have my hands full with just Mallory! Good luck!

BePe Baby said...

Having my hands full isn't even close to what I am doing LOL.. They are making me insane!!! ;)