Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I go blind this is why!

I just got soft scrub with bleach in my eye. It burned like a SOB. I have been rinsing for 15 min and I can see but it still stings when I rinse and it feels scratchy when I blink :( The stupid scrubby brush bristles flung it back in my face. I am not too sure if I should keep my contacts out for the day. As if I didn't hate cleaning the tub as it is!!!!!!!
That is a great addition to my day.


madre adoptiva said...

Ohh not good! A word of advice... look into all natural cleaners. Baking Soda and vinegar do a splendid job on my bathtub.

BePe Baby said...

ya, but I bet the vinegar would burn like HECK too :)

Leah said...

OUCH! That must REALLY hurt. Looks like it's time to invest in a cute pair of goggles. :)