Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What a Day!

So today started as any other day would. Breakfast and play time, followed up by a snackaroo. At 10:30 I headed off to put my tired but still silly and happy child down for a nap. As I am doing this I hear my dog barking frantically in the back yard and wonder what he is acting up about. So I rush the baby into his crib and walk my bra less, un-showered, mopey ass to the back door to see what the racket was. And for the 3rd time in less then 2 weeks I see an unexpected visitor peering in my back door (all of my doors are glass). Let me tell you, no matter who it is and no matter the time of day, it is always freaky to find someone peeking in your doors and windows.

So from there my day of peace and sewing crumbles. I now have company. The baby refuses to sleep with the commotion, so I get him up. I call my mother and she brings lunch by and we all visit for a bit.. at 12:30 I change the baby and throw him right in the crib. My unexpected visitor decides it is time to skedaddle and she does. The baby goes down without a fight. I get two pairs of booties sewn and sort some mail.

At this point the baby wakes up wailing like a maniac. I get him up and he continues to cry. He decides it is best to remain fussy for the remainder of the afternoon. He frantically switched from laughing to crying and back to laughing. After 30 minutes of this I called my dad to come visit him so I could have some relief. He held the same attitude and held firm that he would not be in a good mood for longer then a few seconds at a time.

In case you wondered, he is still a mess and did not take a second nap before dinner because it got too late :( It has been a long day!

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