Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Head Banging

Since Logan was about 6 month old or so he has been a head banger. Not all of the time, but enough to make me wonder.
Anyway, I found an article about it and I felt much better.

It started when he was bored I think.
He did this in two ways.
He would be looking for attention; bump his head on the ground or table leg and look up crying for someone to come to him. As soon as I figured out his trick I stopped responding. He upped the anty at that point.. When he did not get a response he would hit his head again only slightly harder. Sometimes he would do this 3 or 4 times still waiting for a response, but always gave up shortly after.

The other way was for his own self stimulation in some way. He would commando crawl over to the edge of his crib, the coffee table or other object and bounce his head off of it. It was more rhythmic and soothing for him, I think.

At a year old Logan already head bangs much less, but has picked up another way to use the motion.

If told "No!", "Stop!", or if you call his name firmly "Logan!" he will often give you a head bang either to the side or front (normally in the air)in refusal or to show his displeasure in your request. I feel like it is his way of saying "Piss off" or "Oh ya? Watch me!" I get a laugh out of it every time. I try to keep it silent because I don't want to encourage him but it sure is cute. He does do this to Rob sometimes too but I get it WAY more often. Just a small glimmer of what is to come I guess.

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