Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mommy's a Little Slow

Logan loves to watch the cat and dog chase one another. Often he joins in crusading down the hall after the pair of them, giggling all the while. I have tried numerous times to get a video of the parade but the interested of the three of them turns to the camera as soon as I manage to get it out of hiding.

well lately I notice he has been charging past them or me and then he stops and looks over with a big grin. First I thought nothing of it. Then I decided it was him trying to chase the animals..

Well, yesterday it finally dawned on me. He scooted past me and stopped and looked back. I suddenly realized he wanted me to chase him.. He was acting out the game of the cat and dog.. Too cute. WE ran around; back and forth and in circles for about 30 minutes till I thought I was going to die. I am ready to have my body back again. :) He was so stinking cute waiting for me to catch him. Then just as the animals do he would flip flop and start to chase me back the other way :)

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