Friday, August 17, 2007

sign confusion

I taught Logan three signs. more, eat, and all done. Of those he has learned to use "Eat" and "All Done"so far. He uses "Eat" often but will tell me "All done" most days too. I thought everything was perfect and my kid was super smart until the other day when I realized the flaw in my teaching. We were outside playing, and I was pushing him around in his new car (I think we got it cheaper then the one I linked to, so if you are looking for one shop around), and I stopped pushing and asked him "Do you want more?". He looked at me and signed "eat". :) After I had a good laugh I realized when I was teaching him "more" I would sign and say "more" and then "eat" in the same sentence. So to him "More" and "Eat" are all one :) Oh man he is a little sponge.

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