Monday, December 17, 2007

Holy Cow Christmas is a Week From Tomorrow!!!!

I can't get over how fast time is flying by!!!! Christmas around the corner and so much to do. These babies are sure keeping me busy and making me a bit insane. I had Logan at the drs last week for a fever. Landon was there tonight for a nasty diaper rash that has been around almost 3 weeks. His poor tiny little bum is all open sores now.. The dr. thinks he is having issues with dairy and I am having to give up all dairy for the week to see. I should not be surprized since Logan had issues with dairy and soy but I don't want to give up dairy :(
I am asking Rob to do it with me so I don't have to suffer alone.. IS that bad???

I tell ya one thing. You have no idea how many things have dairy in them until you have to stop eating them.

WEll, Logan is 24 lbs and looks so huge since there is a baby in the house again and Landon is 9 lbs already!!!! I am looking forward to watching Logan enjoy Christmas a little bit this year. I bought him some fun toys and an awesome toddler chair from
I love the chair the most. I have already let him try it out a bunch and he loves it too. Right now we are using it without the rocking feet, so it is lower to the ground and doesn't rock.

I have also caved a bit on my refusal to let Logan watch TV till his is two.
Since having the baby he watches one episode of Barney or Little People a few times a week. How terrible is that? Yes I am feeling super guilty but otherwise he wants to be carried around all day and whines a ton to get more attention then the baby.. He is much nicer if he takes a good nap but still he is waking a lot at night with the baby screaming and he is a bit tought to deal with when he hasn't slept well.

Landon is a bit whiney too but I am guess he is feeling pretty crappy with the open sores on his bum and the constant runny/ watery poop burning his bottom and if it is a dairy thing it is recking havock on his belly too. This all might explain the bouts of wild screaming and gas after feeds.

So life may get much better in another week if I can sort little Landon out and make him more comfortable. If he screams less, Logan screams less and everyone feels better.. Ok enough rambling.. I have some reading to catch up on. I feel like I have dropped out of the world of the internet.


jilltan said...

I feel for you!! It will get better and this period will just be a feded memory. Hang in there!!! Oh and your hubby can totally give upo diary with you!!!! ;) Good luck!

Brenda said...

Awww, poor EVERYBODY! I think it's totally okay for dh to give up dairy with you...not that mine would....:) I hope everyone is feeling and sleeping better soon!

Leah said...

No Eggnog for DH. ;)

Have a Very Merry Christmas with you're new baby boy!