Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why My Dog Might Be Insane

OK, I love my dog and all, but damn why does he have to be such a pain in the ass some times?

Yesterday we are walking around the block and another dog Dixi (a black lab mix) comes running over to sniff Ben's ass, as dogs do. Well, Ben proceeds to run in front of and around the stroller and wrap around my legs trying to hide his ass from the afore mentioned dog - Dixi. He has his ears down and tail as far between his crotch as he can ram it. I am thinking the whole time (some out loud) "What a wuss!!, This is not normal dog behavior!" "Be social damn it!". Of course Ben doesn't listen and this carnival happening around me continues down the road about 4 houses. At that point Dixi, the lab, accidentally stepped on Ben's foot while trying to literally plant her face inside of his rear end and Ben rolled his ankles all over the pavement while being trampled by the over excited Dixi, who by the way finally got a sniff of his ass :) Ben whimpers and cries out in pain, so that I feel bad for him. I pick him up and carry him in one arm, push the carriage with the other hand and protect my boys from Dixi, who then was unamused and went back home. I did find scrapes and road rash on Ben's back feet last night and felt bad for him as he licked them all night hiding under the bed.

SO today I bring the baby and Ben to Pet co for a field trip (as I am writing this I am slowly realizing why my dog might be crazy and it starts with me being crazy I guess. I mean who packs up to go on a field trip with their dog just for entertainment value??) Well, Ben does his normal ram his tail in his crotch and walk as low and close to the ground as possible, in case some dog tries to sniff his ass, thing that he does. I partially drag him around for the first 20 minutes till he calms down and starts to enjoy himself slightly. Then we turn a corner, and while I am completely oblivious to him, reading the ingredients in the dog and cat foods, another shopper notices my dog taking a shit right there on the floor. Directly next to me. SO now I have to pull out the doggie bags (that I do carry) and clean that up.. Luckily Pet Co has a clean up station with a trash, cleaning spray, paper towels, bags, and hand sanitizer.

We are back home and he is cute as ever but I know he is still crazy. Only today I finally have a better understanding of his oddness and he gets some of it from me :)

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