Sunday, November 18, 2007

37 Weeks or SOOOO and Still Trucking Along

So, I recently remembered that I made up my LMP date. I could not remember when it was so I picked a week I thought that it may have been and went with that. I also refused the first ultrasound, which they date the pregnancy by. Now that was not intentional. I just spoke up about not really needing it because my date would probably change 10 times anyway and they said fine.. OPPS!!! I have been measuring prety accurate through the pregnancy, so, it seems like I was right on.

Either way......I am offically truly ready to be done! There is no need to feel like this so I give up. I have an appointment on Tuesday and I might lose it if I have no progress at all. The pain, pressure and hemriods are just out of control.

Getting up from the floor or bed or, AT THIS POINT, even sitting sends sharp pains up the whoo haaa. My ARSE throbs. I have to stop and catch my breath often. I have a lot of trouble eating dinner with out spilling since I can't pull my chair in. I can't reach the sink to wash dishes without getting wet. I can't empty a shopping cart or washing machine without almost killing myself adn this nameless child inside of me. Sleeping is a joke and nothing I wear is comfortable anymore. Oh well.. Who doesn't feel like this at the end?? Right????

Oh and Logan reacted to his vacination he got 10 days ago. He has had rash and fever of 100+ for three days. I hope he is doing better tomorrow. He is not himself and sad most of the days :(


madre adoptiva said...

Oh gosh... you sound miserable. I'm so sorry you're struggling through these final days (I'm being hopeful with you). What vacs is Logan reacting to? The MMR?

jilltan said...

Oh Hun! I feel for you! I have some advice -- stop doing the washing, the shopping, the laundry, etc and just try to stay comfy. (((hugs))) Hope your day is very soon!