Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am now officially way uncomfortable and pregnant!
  1. It hurts to walk, stand, move and lay down!!
  2. I have a hard time doing dishes and bathing Logan because my big belly hits the sink and tub when I try to lean over it. I have to go in sideways.
  3. I can no longer shave because I can't see and I can't move the belly aside either and it is so firm I have a hard time bending to get my shoes on.
  4. I have tons of pain in the pelvis area especially when I walk (which I try to do everyday during the week).
  5. I now really miss belly sleeping.
  6. Eating large meals makes breathing difficult!! Shoot and all the good food holidays are coming up.
  7. This baby's feet are so high he is pretty darn close to kicking me in the boobs.. and that is some feat since they were never that large to begin with!!!
  8. I am not sleeping well AT ALL! Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep is impossible with a husband who plays Halo all night, a dog that sleeps at and on my feet, a baby who hears everything wakes at night, and a cat that find all things that make noise during the night!!
  9. Heartburn is unbearable! And I am gonna hurt the next person that tells me about TUMs as if I haven't been taking them for the past 6 months!
  10. To top it all off I went walking this morning and on the way back it started raining on all of us (Dog, Baby and mommy).


madre adoptiva said...

So, how much longer do you have?? The last months/weeks of pregnancy are so hard. Hang in there!!

BePe Baby said...

I am 33+ weeks so I had Logan at 37 with luck maybe 4 weeks to go.. but with no luck involved 6 1/2 :(

SarahRachel said...

Ooooh....thank you for killing my preggo envy with a big dose of reality! ;) I hope it gets better somehow and that you're able to get some sleep. My husband is also a Halo addict despite my insistence that it's a game for teenagers.

jilltan said...

As odd as it sounds -- I miss all those preggo woes and pains! ;) Hang in there!