Thursday, November 8, 2007

36 week appointment and other gripes

I measured 36 weeks, have gained 21 pounds, bp fine, I find out about strep B tomorrow,and nothing as far as progress. I was really hoping for some slight dilation or something to keep my hopes up. I only have a week or so left in me. :)

I have been walking my arse off every week trying to get out with the Logan and the dog 3-5 times a week.. depending on the weather. I feel so much better about myself and mentally better when I can get out. Although uncomfortable and at times I have to stop momentarily. I fight through the sharp shooting crotch pains.. Someone explain to me why those are necessary!?!? I mean come on, like we are not already dealing with enough difficulty..constipation, hemorrhoids, peeing yourself daily, separating pelvis, the inability to get up off the floor or to roll over in bed, sex and shaving are both unheard of at this point, swelling, along with all the little jabs, kicks and other bouncing bodily parts to your intestines, bladder and other areas. Oh did I mention leaking boobs???? SO on top of that do we really need the sharp crotch pains?? I think not!


Arrianah said...

I say NO! Crotch pains are completely 100% unnecessary! And of course since Karsten dropped I've only had more and more, and more potty breaks and more griping from me. But you can hold in there, I promise. We are almost near the end!

jilltan said...

Poor you!! He will be here soon and you will forget all this! Hang in there!

SarahRachel said...

Awww...bad memories! It's amazing how those things do all become a very faint memory or I guess everyone would just have one kid! ;-) That's awesome you've only gained 21 lbs and you're almost done!