Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quitting - take 301

Seriously I teeter between being dragged down by a suffering pair of lungs that require 2 inhalers multiple times per day to being pissed off and angry at the world because it is so hard to quit smoking.

We have been back at it at least part time for just about a year now. It is way past time to be done with them. Timing is awful with all the Drinks and BBQ's but it HAS got to happen. We had our last smoke on Monday night (7/20) at about 8:30.

By 10:00 Rob was nagging me and I was snapping at him. He blamed withdrawals, I blamed his dumb ass for annoying me and sitting near me and trying to look at my boobs. (seriously that is that last thing I wanted at that moment in time)

24 hours later Rob had just gotten home from work I was tired, wanted my wild kids to go to bed and again annoyed he was getting them all fired up again!
That night we fought about time-outs, dinner being left out and who was right.

Tonight will be 48 hours and I foresee more arguments. The first 2 weeks are the worst!!!

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