Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Suportive and Loving Hubby

So I have been battling with the abnormal amount of candy in this home and trying to fix that problem before my spiral of holiday over eating starts early.

The Monday after Halloween I attempted to send the MOST of the candy (meaning I kept a 1/2 gallon size zip lock of candy that we like and two HUGE Hershey bars) to work with the Rob. He storms around creating reasons why he wasn't taking it. There would be so much candy there already, He didn't have time to carry it out the door, and last I hadn't packed it for him. Ahhm. WTF does that mean, "packed" it??? it was in a freaken bowl the size of my sink!! So he storms around muttering under his breath and rolling his eyes. Finally walks into the kitchen and grabs the tin foil. While he is covering the top of the bowl he can't stand it to not try to get another snarky dig in. he throws out a "Thanks for helping me pack it!"

2 weeks later the bowl was still in his car, full, and "packed". He brings it back into the house today.

So after dinner i start tossing some of the candy and ask him which he would like me to save. What you need to know is that this bowl is full of Dum Dums, Dots, Goobers, Tootsie Pops, bubble gum, Kit Kats, Baby Ruth, Butter Fingers, Snickers, Milky Way, and so much more. He walks over looks into the bowl and this is the way our conversation goes:

Rob - "Why don't you just save it all?"
Me - "No. No. No. I have been eating it all and have to get it out of the house."
Rob - "So, why do I have to suffer because you have no self control?"
Me - roll my eyes and start tossing candy (saving lots of the better ones).
Rob - grabbing 2 Butter Fingers "I am going to eat these now."
Me - "Do you want me to save you all the Dum Dums too?"
Rob - "No."
Logan - "Mommy why you doi'n that?"
Rob - "I know, Logan! Mommies throwing away all the candy because she can't stop herself from eating."

Thanks for the support Rob! We'll see if you change your mind when I am up 10 pounds and addicted to chocolate ;P

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