Friday, January 9, 2009

BePe Baby faced with Big Troubles

Just a reminder to every one!
We will be seeing a rise in the cost of children's products.

A bill was passed in August that all products (room decor, bedding, toys, clothing etc.) will need to be tested by a accredited 3rd party for their lead limits. there are a few exemption but for things like wool and cotton in the natural state. Raw, unbleached, unprocessed, undyed.

There has been some reprieve for resellers for used clothing and such. They will not need to retest items.

For large corporate businesses they will be able to absorb the cost of testing and can rise the cost of their items by a smaller percentage to cover the testing costs.

For smaller businesses this means trouble. Each batch, each size, each style, each color needs to be tested. The cost is around $50-$100+ an hour and $5 per item not including shipping. Most small businesses will not be able to stay a float with these costs. The fines are high for offenses.

Many handmade sellers of children's products will be closing shops and unable to sell.

There has not been much national coverage on this topic but you can find lots of info on the web about it in the local news and presses.

As of Feb 10th (only a few weeks away) some of your favorite shops will be changing. This includes BePe Baby I am sad to say. if your toddler or baby still needs slippers get your orders in before Feb 10th. If they do not add more exemptions we will be removing all of our baby/ toddler items from the site and remodeling to sell some of the other items.

I want to keep our children safe, but really now. Many of the items that still will require testing could not possibly have lead in them!!


Mommy Niri said...

what would have lead in the clothing?

BePe Stroller Strides said...

Buttons, snaps, other closures and decorative items, paints etc.