Friday, July 24, 2009

I Do NOT Understand How You Can Have More..

Seriously!!! I dread errand with the boys because it is a mad dash of flinging lower shelved items, head butting glass windows and doors, jumping off steps and ledges, hiding, pushing and running from me.

Food shopping is impossible with out 15 extra items, squished bread and broken eggs.

Clothes shopping is embarrassing. The number of times I lose a child under a rack or they have found their way back to the toy section without me is ridiculous.

Going anywhere that might involved a trip to the public rest room is depressing. Inevitably I have one unlocking the door while the other has his head under the next stall over looking directly up at my neighbors business.

Dinner time is madness. One throwing food, the other dumping milk. One rubbing ranch dressing in his face and the other using chocolate milk as shampoo.

Even play time is tough. Someone always takes it too far. Coloring is going great till one decides to draw them selves a tattoo or spruce up the walls, while I am looking right at them!!! Play dough is always a good time but they both end up eating it before we are done. Buckets of beans are a hit but they spill them after 10 min. Water gets dumped, paint is used as body soap, trains become weapons, planes are meant to be launched, balls break things, books get ripped.

Oiy!!! Maybe 3 and 2 are just tough ages but I find it tough to make it sanely through till bed time.

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