Friday, January 30, 2009

Fingerless Gloves.. What Do you Think?

Tinker and Po
Cute shop, cute gloves.. but do they do the job??

So you put on gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm, right? So fingerless gloves are missing the fingers.
At the same time, when you use gloves you don't have full use of your hands because your fingers are far too bulky.

So my question is have you tried them?
Where do you wear them and are you a lover or hater?

I am tempted!!!


Melissa said...

I think fingerless gloves are adorable! I've wondered about this too, but if your fingers get cold you can always pull the glove down to cover them up more. :) Plus I find it so annoying when I need my fingers and I have gloves on. You know how it is...being a Mommy. ;)

Mellie said...

Interesting?! I always like my sleeves longer on my shirts and I pull them down to this length! :)

Having two is fun and not too much of a challenge yet, those days are ahead I am sure of that. :) We are doing great. Ethan is so laid back compared to Audrey's drama.