Monday, August 10, 2009

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

I hear the boys going wild and not settling down at all. I head down to sort them out.
Logan runs out of his bedroom when I open the door, to tell them to quiet down. Rob chases him down the hall.

I pull all of the 25 stuffed animals thrown into the little guys crib out and tuck him in then come down the hall trying to figure out why Rob and Logan never came back.

There in the TV room is Rob holding Logan, smiling, letting him stay up to watch the show Wipe Out.
You know that show where peole compete in these insane obsticles and it appears that they break parts of their bodies in each obsticals like the piston punch, Big balls and the sucker punch.

I am a little pissy thinking - do you really think this is going to be helpful in getting and out of control 3 year old to settle down? I say something to that effect too.

Rob brings him to bed and has to continuously now raise his voice to get him into his bed - wonder why?? Coming back to the TV room he says - Are you crabby again tonight? Honey? Are you in a bad mood again tonight?

I am thinking, yes you boob! Now I am!

Really men are so dumb sometimes.

So he says this to me
Logan asked what it was so I said "Ok, if I show you, then will you go to bed?"

Now it is after 9:00 pm and do you think the boys are sleeping?

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Mommy Niri said...

rest assured that THIS happens in many homes (including mine)!