Thursday, August 9, 2007

Never Ending Illness

OK so Logan is still sick!!!! This started back about July 5th. This cold has transformed and traveled to us all. Yesterday we went back to the doctor for his one year check up and the loony toon doctor who first said it was teething is now saying allergies. He is trying Claritin. Not too sure why because I explained that we had all caught it one by one so how could it be allergies. I have to go back on Friday to have them recheck his arm (where he got the shot for TB) so I will be handing them release forms to release Logan's info to his new pedi. Oh and he has had a mild temp for the past two days (which I am blaming on the shots) and this morning woke with a rash on his cheeks.. I have had enough!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the little love bug LB can get some relief at the new pedi office!!!

Feel better Logan!