Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Baby is 1 Today!!!!

What a monumental day! Rob and I have managed to raise a child for a full year today!!!!!
  • From that mini, little, skinny creature that cried non-stop and you could hold in one arm (but didn't dare for fear of dropping him). To this little boy who has an opinion about everything (especially diaper changes and tooth brushing).
  • From the baby who needed to have constant physical contact to the little boy who barely gives a quick hug and is on the go.
  • From a tiny baby who would lay in my lap and listen to stories to a little boy who throws books and jumps off my lap.
  • From a little thing that threw up all day to a little man who can't ever get enough food.
At one year old: He is on the go ALL the time. He says "mama", "dada", "buba" (though we gave those up, for good, a week ago), "all done", "num num" (yum yum) and "nanana" (banana). He makes strong attempts at saying Kitty, Doggie, and Binky. He signs "all done" and "eat". He has 6 teeth (3 on top and 3 on bottom). He stood for a solid 3 seconds on his own yesterday. He crawls and pulls up everywhere. He cruises a little but mostly screams to get what he wants. He hates to crawl in the grass so he does more of a crab walk. He loves to eat sand and throw toys. He would be naked all day if it was his choice. He sleeps through the night (in his pack n play only) for the past month. He dances with his head to music. He gives hugs and kisses. He really loves buttons on all Robs stuff (and secretly I find it funny so I don't stop him). He takes 2 naps (1-2 hours) a day and sleeps 10 hours at night. I am looking forward to all the fun moments and chaos he will cause over the next year!!! Happy Birthday Logan!

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