Monday, August 6, 2007

Poor Kitty.

This has nothing to do with anything except for what a terrible cat owner I feel like.
As we are gearing up for the arrival of our second child we have had to make some changes to our living area. The once office/study/ cat box room is now being redone into Logan's new big boy (he is a year old tomorrow :( so sad. ) room. So the office found a smaller space in the living room and lots of things were boxed and stored. The cat box had to be relocated to the basement too.

Well here is where it gets bad.. I bought a cat door for the basement so she (the cat) can go down there and use her box. it has a lock so the baby can't trow himself or toys down it too. She (the cat) wears a magnet on her collar, which deactivates the lock and then she (the cat) can push through the door.
Rob installed the cat door and put the box in the basement. The cat hated the whole idea of it and the magnet freaked her out, because it would stick to the deactivate spot on the door for a moments and scare her. We let her deal with it and continued to show her how to use it that day and night. The end of the night she ran to my glass and took a never ending drink from my water. That was a bit odd for her.
The next day she was a bit off and acting rather quiet. She also had not used the box all day. By late afternoon we were all in the living room and she was trying to drink Rob's tea. About an hour later in the kitchen she attempted to get a drink from the animal bowl (which is inside of a metal frame) and her magnet stuck to the frame and scared the crap out of her.
We realized that she had not been able to get a drink all day due to sticking to the bowl. Poor kitty.. I got rid of the frame and she sat drinking for close to 10 minutes. She returned over and over to the bowl for the next hour and then started acting herself again..
She is now using the cat door like a champ and filling her box as normal.. But we felt soooo terrible.. Poor kitty!!
We are normally great cat owners. She is spoiled too with her cat toys and perches. I dropped the ball this week I guess.


Anonymous said...

Aw, the poor kitty, glad you got her straightened out!

BePe Baby said...

I know!! I know!!! I felt terrible. Thank God she is ok and doing fine.