Friday, July 6, 2007

Trip to Cape Cod

We just arrived back from a family trip to Cape Cod. We made a last minute plan to go away and enjoy some sun and fun for our anniversary. I was even able to locate a place that would allow us to bring our four legged furry friend Ben the bichon.

Logan did great sleeping in his pack "n" play and sharing a room with mommy and daddy, and Ben was thrilled to meet all the other vacationing pups. Both the baby and the dog took a dip in the ocean and played in the sand.. The baby ate a few mouth fulls too :)

The days were beautiful and the nights were cool enough that we could enjoy a dinner out while Ben waited in the car. The entire family spent our last night watching fireworks, walking Falmouth center and going out for ice cream..

We bought a few things while we were away.. Mommy did a terrible job packing for the cooler weather at night and Daddy forgot a hat. I bought a heavy sweatshirt for myself and then needed to buy one (or two) for the baby. Rob bought a couple of hats and the baby got a new toy and a new booster seat.

Both Rob and I have agreed our favorite purchase for the baby in a while was this booster seat from Walmart. It was great for feeding the baby inside and outside of our room. It also was wonderful for dinners when we wanted to go to a nicer place.. Kept food from being dropped all over the linen table cloths and kept the baby a little further from the table and all of the items on top of it.

Over all we had a nice time and hope to go away again the same time next year with two little ones and the dog :)

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