Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Hair Cut

Since Logan is the first BePe Baby I think most of these blogs will be about him :)
That was of course a dig to get you all to buy something from BePe..

oh before I forget....
Two of the toys featured in the shop got a great review by the way!

ok back to Logan

He got his first hair cut a week ago. What fun that was. I needed to get it done before his 1 year pics. and The scraggly ends where driving me mad. I think it turned out really good considering how squirmy he was and how many times he tried to twist his head to see the scissors.

I was pretty disgusting though. Fat and pregnant and sitting in a plastic seat with a plastic drape and a baby on top of me. Talk about sweaty.. I was slipping out of the chair by the time we finished.

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