Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stages of Sleep

Before Logan was born, Rob and I had agreed that we would not be co-sleeping and both felt pretty strongly about it. So, When Logan was first born we started him in the crib. He woke all the time as most newborns do. For the first 6 months this continued. Logan woke 3-6 times per night even after we had taken away the night feedings. We would occasionally get up with him for his last waking and bring him in our bed for the last hour of sleep. He gave us more good nights, which was 2 -3 wakings at that point, then bad and we felt lucky to get 3 or 4 hours of solid sleep when we could. When he was about 7 months old he got his second real nasty cold (he has already had RSV and pneumonia). He woke ALL NIGHT and had trouble breathing, eating, and sleeping. We caved, not being able to physically get up all night any longer. He came to our bed. After he got over the cold, aside from nap time, he refused to sleep in his bed. We continued to cave and he slept through the night in our bed for the next 2 months. By this point I was pregnant and not sleeping well. Logan and I kept each other awake. We started napping him in his Pack 'n' Play in our room while some house construction was going on, our room being the quiet spot in the house. He took to that wonderfully. From there we decided to try him over night. After about a week, with a few wakings here and there, he has been sleeping through the night for over a month!!!!! He is in his Pack 'n' Play (yes in our room) BUT...... he is not in our bed and he is sleeping 10 hours most nights!!!!!! I could not be happier. I am feeling almost human again, side from yet another nasty cold we now all have. I cannot believe that we are going to do this all over again.

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