Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life After Baby

For me Life after baby has been 100% different and I do not in anyway have my old life style. I gave up drinking, smoking, and my job. The only thing I still have is coffee. I was reminded of this by a fellow mommy blogger who is giving up coffee. I can not even imagine life without coffee.

This is not to say that I have not had the occasional smoke or drink since Logan arrived (because I have), but I would rather spend the time with him (read: not the cranky times, those make me want a drink).

My typical friday before Logan.
  • Wake up, shower, dress, make-up, let the dog out.
  • hop in the car, smoke and get a coffee on the way to work..
  • Sweat like mad chasing kids around all day at work, toileting, feeding, singing, and complaining to someone about taking data (smiling because it was Friday)
  • Get the kids on buses and find the nearest person to see if they would be going to get a drink.
  • Run home let the dog out and give him a treat
  • Go have a few drinks and maybe order some nachos con queso dip
  • Be super annoying when I got home :)
My typical Friday since Logan.
  • Wake up to small squeaking noises and squeals, shower, dress, make-up (only sometimes)
  • feed the baby, have some cereal and change a "stinky" diaper. and chase Logan around plucking him from all areas he attempts to scale.
  • Sweat like mad chasing Logan around all day in the living room, outside eating dirt and rocks, or trying to eat the Roomba Vacume cleaner (smiling because he's my pain in the butt kid)
  • Put Logan down for a nap, check my BePe Baby sales (read: BUY SOMETHING!!)
  • Check my emails and blog if I have reason. I also sew if I have an order to make.
This cycle repeats it self when he wakes up. And The dog is with me all day for treats :)

I only know the day is Friday because Rob comes home with Pizza and I don't cook :)

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Leah said...

I'm blushing-I can't believe you mentioned lil ol me in your blog!
I can't wait to see the Blog you write titled: "Life after Two Babies"