Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scam after Scam

Since I started BePe Baby, even before the website, I have been contacted by people looking for free hand-outs. I have donated to charities and sent items for blog reviews. Recently, since the site has opened, I have gotten emails from people looking for free stuff.
The story is this "Hi, I am a single mom with no family or friends in the area and a new baby. I have contacted local shelters and churches with no luck. I am looking for and items that you could possible donate to me for my baby................."

It blows my mind how many times I have already read the same story from different people. Last year I might have fallen for this too. I am sorry for those that do have similar issues going on, but for all the fakes and trolls that cry "wolf" I will not be handing out freebie in this way..
I will soon be offering a promotion for a free gift with purchase "if you want a freebie" so stay tuned :)

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