Tuesday, June 26, 2007

98 Degrees and climbing

Today is hot!!! Sunny and hot. My husband described the breeze as feeling like he is in the heat using a blow dryer, while on his lunch break. I thought it was a great day to hit a pool.. Luckily we got an invite and ran with the opportunity.

Logan had his first swim in a big pool. He was so stinking adorable. I had him sporting BePe Baby wear and I must say he was the cutest kid in the pool. ;)

The hat kept his head from the sun but was light and breathable at the same time and the bottoms dried super quick in the sun so they worked great as a pool bottom for us!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot and sunny again. Stay cool!!!!

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Lauren said...

I bet Logan was looking adorable in the pool. Glad ya'll got a chance to cool down. Hopefully it tuckered him out so that he could take a good nap when he got home regardless of the noise. The sun set looks too cute. I think Asa needs one of those.