Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Woes of Pregnancy

Ok, so this time around has been easier in many respects then when I was pregnant with Logan.
First off the timing is much better.. Being the biggest and most uncomfortable during the hottest time in the year was tough.. With that said; I still Hate being pregnant!!!! A Lot!!!!! I attached a picture from a week ago. YIKES!!

Sneezing and coughing have become a major enemy of mine.. Causing all kinds of ciaos in my body. I have to prepare for these moments or I am in Big trouble (HUGE). I first have to crouch forward, rolling into a ball to keep muscles in my pelvic region from spasming and sending shooting pains stabbing into me. I also have to cross my legs (or at least squeeze them tight together). If I don't do this in time I wet myself.. Yes, you heard correct. I pee. That is often followed by the following phrase: "Damn it!!! Damn it!!! Damn it!!! I peeed myself!!!" as I run off to the bathroom feeling foolish.

Stretching is scary. You know that lovely stretch you have first thing in the morning. Waking up is not quite the same without it.. However, when pregnant that morning stretch has to stop at the top half of the body.. I figured this out really quickly with my first pregnancy and have only slightly tested the theory this time. If you venture past the top half and dare attempt to to let the bottom half loose, YOU ARE IN A TON OF PAIN!! You will have a charlie horse like mad in your calves. The whole muscle shaking and pain searing through your leg. Enough to bring tears to your eyes.. The only way to stop the pain is to massage the muscle or put pressure on it and walk.

Preggo Brain is another annoyance. You will not only lose thoughts mid sentence but you will have dyslexia of the mouth.. mixing and jumbling words and saying things backwards. Half of the time you won't even have the sense to stop speaking and try again. You will just power on through hoping no one caught all that (knowing they did).

Warnings Ahead......
DON'T EVER WATCH BABY SHOWS>>THEY ARE VERY SCARY WHEN PREGNANT FOR MOST!!! They make you believe that you will have every complication you see and hear of.

Commercials and shows about babies, animals and any heart felt issues will make you cry and not just a tear but real true Sobbing!

Shaving becomes beyond impossible. Yes ladies you can hope your husband will want to shave you down. But the truth is most do not find the even remotely sexy. My husband finds it rather disturbing and a scary task, therefore refuses to help out.

More to come..................

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Jill said...

I really must say I log on to your site at least every other day just to read your blogs so that i can laugh. It is by far the best reading on the internet.

keep 'em coming.