Thursday, July 19, 2007


So Little Logan has has a cough for weeks. Since the Cape. Complete with running nose for a few days, mild temps. and irritability. Well, the last few days he has been grabbing his right ear and head and crying (especially while eating). He is cough whenever he gets moving and a lot at night (even through the night).

So today I call the doctors and bring him in, thinking for sure he has and ear infection and a cold which has settled in his lungs. My appointment was for 2:40. I walked in, paid my $15 and sat down for 45 seconds. He was seen quickly. No temp, no redness in his mouth/throat, no ear infection, no wheezing in his chest!!!!! I was astounded. All due to teething and the nerves that are there.

I was walking out the door by 3:00, feeling like I am a big loser and a hypochondriac for my child. I needed him to have something to explain the behavior and symptoms; and teething wasn't good enough. I also hate that I paid $15 to be sent home feeling worse then when I arrived.

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Leah said...

I'm the opposite of a hypochondriac. I rarely take my kids to the Dr. & I feel equally bad about it sometimes. Mommy guilt is the worst! Hope Logan feels better-poor little guy.