Monday, April 7, 2008

Finding The Perfect Stroller for Two is a Tough Job!!

So I was on yet another search for finding a stroller which would fit all of my needs with my two boys. My needs have shifted a bit and the strollers I ended up with from my previous stroller searches did not suit all of my needs any longer. Here are my two previous reviews ( The Perfect Stroller For Two ), and (Another Stroller Hunt)I know some of you must think I am out of my mind. I have returned one stroller, sold 2, gave 1 to a family member and I have 4 left at my house including my most recent purchase. Also I have 1 more due to arrive, which is free with the purchase of my new franchise (Stroller Strides). Here is the way I think of it is I will only have my two boys once, so I need to do whatever it takes to be sure I am totally happy with whatever stroller(s) I choose. I know I will always have more then one too.

SO I bought the Phil and Teds Stroller with the Doubles seat from my original review. I Love it. I still love my other two also but this one allows me to fit anywhere a single stroller can fit too. It fits great in my car and both of my boys love it! Here are the only things I would change about the stroller are the handle. I wish it hung out past the stroller 5 or 6 more inches, so that I could have less of a chance to kick the baby in the back seat. When he is reclined in the back add on seat I do sometime tap him when I am in a rush, but not bad enough to deter me from using it. Also I wish I could keep the back seat attached and fold the stroller up.. Right now I have to remove the seat, which is super easy and fast to do but for convenience sake I wish I didn't have too. The seat is connected by sliding it onto to poles and one pin clicks into place on each side.. To remove it you push in the pins and slide the seat off. It takes less time to do this and fold the stroller then it does to fold some of the others I have used , but a girl can still dream right :)?

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