Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Stroller hunt.. Ok, I can admit it~~~~ I am addicted~~~~ to strollers!!!!

Yup that is right. I bought another one. This is the 4th double stroller I have purchased and before this I got at my shower and purchased 4 single stroller and a snap and go frame. My husband is fed up but they all have different qualities that I like. I recently returned one double, sold one double, and have another single for sale. So I thought it was time to buy again.

I happened to see this one while at Babies R Us. Check it out

Here is what I wish was different and all the reasons that I still love my Baby Jogger City Mini. I wish it was sightly lighter and a tad slimmer (width). I wish it had a snack tray or belly bar attachment. I wish the canopy was two separate ones.

Here is why I love it.
THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The seats sit up much straighter and are less deep , so Logan can sit forward if he wants and not be slouched back so much, he can even see his brother (in the other he cant get near him) When folded it stands on it's wheels and it locks folded. Oh, did I mention it has a speaker wired in to the canopy for an MP3 player to hook up to. I also like having the option to jog , which I can't do in the other stroller and the wheels are great on all surfaces.

Now I have two great strollers. One for shopping and also great for walking in colder, rainy or windy days because the canopies come down almost to there feet :). the other great for brisk walking, jogging and outdoor fun. Enjoying some sun and the added bonus of the music for the boys and me!!!!

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Leah said...

Wow! You have done your homework on strollers. You should write for consumer reports :)

I use a 6 yr old umbrella stroller, because my mind gets all tangled up by all of the fancy features these strollers have. I've been looking for a jogger for about one year now, by the time I find it, Joshua will probably be too big for it.