Monday, August 23, 2010

Have You Met My Space?

Here are a few photos of small area of my space. Showing you the big picture would just not be pretty.......
Sunday Cup Feeding Sets waiting for packaging
Dresser with Diaper Babies and Sweets supplies by gender
My cutting, creating table, which also opens up to become a sewing serging table or folds down to become half the size of what you see.
Some of the sweets all packages up and ready to go
Slippers in various stages and sizes

Where I sew, so that I can not wake the boys.. This closes up and looks like an end table.

We are actually spread out a bit. is taking up space at my home, my mothers home, my aunts home, my grandmothers home, and a very sweet seamstress we found last year's home.

My house has one closet, one bedroom, a space in the living room, shelving in the basement and a cabinet in the office. Ha ha it is even worse then it sounds. I just recently moved out of the office and living room area and moved into a bedroom because BePe Baby was taking over our home :)

My mother was in part of her living room and a bedroom and has since cleared out and moved down to her finished basement area, plus a space in her living room.

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