Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Guess You Could Say I Am Hiding

I went to bed too late as it was. A friend was trying to convince me to get in on her pyramid style business plan with the P90X guy's stuff. With dreams of big dollar signs, she is getting involved but I have no interest. Hope it works for her though, truly.

My husband came to bed even later and literally flopped on in, as if there was no worry of disturbing anyone. He clomped in, fell over sideways and attempted to steal all of the covers. Then he let his foot or knee or some other body part touch me. The whole show got me angry. Why I need to suffer because he stays up late working??? It's true I get pissy in the mornings when he sleeps in EVERY morning for FOR 3.5 YEARS!!! I get up with the kids and he stays in bed until he is good and ready or I go in and throw something at him. What ever comes first. But that time should be a team effort time or at least a time when we alternate who pitches in.

My fully clawed cat, jumped on my chest 3 times, kneading and licking my hair. Nothing about that was comfortable in the middle of the night. Then parked her ass right next to my face. Did I mention I have allergies and she is on that list? Probably not and completely my fault. My last living family cat was run over while I was on vacation. Instead of letting it goes and knowing I would breath better and no longer itch. I freaked out and rescued a cat from a local shelter. One with breathing problems, who is totally Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde . So I will suffer for the remaining 8+ years. No, I won't get rid of her early; she sometimes catches bees, moths and mice INSIDE and she is already 5 or 6.

Then at 5:00 or 5:30 my kids started. "giggle-giggle-quick hide" "Hey, I hiding from the mommy dolphin!" etc...... "Mommy!!!!" " Mommy, My binky" "Helpy!Helpy! Helpy!"

This happened 3 times before I found my self hiding out here in the living room drinking a coffee.

Time to face them, get them changed, make pre-school lunch and off to a run! Have a great morning~!

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