Friday, April 25, 2008

My Toddler acts like my dog!

My toddler thinks he is a dog!!!

I guess "Ben the bichon" was Logan's only other playmate for a while besides me. But yikes it is scary how much he has picked up from the pup. When someone is coming to the door both the dog and my toddler paw the door and pant. When the cat runs anywhere, both the dog and my toddler chase her, corner her and bark and growl. When the cat jumps up to her food, both the dog and my toddler jump swatting her tail. They both whine at the door to go outside, chase balls and squeaky toys, and when Logan is silly he rolls on the floor wiggling around to scratch his back like the dog does. It just dawned on me he does all of this odd stuff.

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jilltan said...

Half-boy half-dog!! I know more dogs that obey than toddlers so this might be a very good think!!
We have missed you over on SK -- we have gone to a private board now and would love to see you over there!

SarahRachel said...

I think that's really funny...and cute! =)