Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll be back

So I have taken a hiatus from baby chat boards and keeping up with blogging.. I have just overloaded my plate with my new business and keeping up with BePe Baby and the boys.

My newest hunt is for a diaper bag for two babies! I have a no-name new one from Walmart that I picked up for $9.00 and although I like it right now, in the past these ones fall apart quickly..

I'll keep you updated if I find some great ones. But comment if you found one you love for two babies.

p.s. I still think that my Phil and Ted's Stroller with the doubles seat is the best stroller ever!!! Both of the boys love it and I love that i can fit anywhere you can :)

It looks great to.
Visit BePe Baby to cuddle those tiny toes.

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