Friday, June 22, 2007

BePe Baby


My name is Christina Bentley. I am the owner of BePe Baby and new and upcoming site hosting hand-made gifts for babies, toddlers and moms. The site launched on Wed. June 6th and I have been a mad woman loading all of the products on the site since.

A little about me. I was teaching Elementary special education At SEEM Collaborative. I had a moderate to severe classroom of children ages 6 - 9. I had a baby in August 2006, who had reflux and food sensitivities and decided to stay home with him. I miss my classroom and my job tremendously but also love being here with my son. I am also due to have child #2 in Dec. so plan to stay busy for a few years at home.

I have a small circle of friends who have had babies recently and I am also a member of a few pregnancy and baby chat boards where I had met a lot of women in the same spot as me. From those friends and boards I was able to see what all the "hip" moms liked and wanted now that baby was here. After a few months I was getting antsy to do something so I bought a sewing machine and my mother taught me to sew. I started making and selling baby booties (that would stay on those tiny feet). After getting a great response I ventured out and continued to try other items. Hats, outfits, shopping cart covers, diaper roll-ups (small diaper organizer) and my friends and family loved them and where super supportive.

That is when I decided to open a website of my own. It took a few months to get done with the help of my mother (designing the art) and the website designer (for building my site). Now it is here and I am so ready to sell. Come and check out the site and tell me what you think.

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