Friday, March 21, 2008

Caring for 4 Babies!!!

I must be crazy!
ok so it was not my idea so I am only taking part of the blame. A friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to "trade" kids for a day each week or so. So I take her babies one day and she takes mine the following time.
She has twin girls born the same day as Logan. So we had a few "get togethers" to get to know each others kids and let the kids play. that went well so today was the first try at "trading". The girls came here. All was great for the first hour while the baby slept and I kept them involved in activities: playing with a bowl of rice, markers and crayons, stories, snack time, and playing catch with a ball. After the baby woke up things got a bit hectic.
Let me set the scence.
Kids climbing on the back of my couch, rice all over the floor, toys strewn around, babies whining, crackers all over the place, drippy snoogy noses, and tantrums over sharing toys.

I put away all the activities that require close supervision (rice bowl, coloring, crackers) and that was a bit hard for them to take.. throwing and digging in the rice was too much fun.

Now they had apparently nothing better to do then steal toys from one another. It was amusing. I only managed to change one diaper. Every time I turned around someone was fighting or climbing on something unsafe.
Over all they did well. I mean for 3 toddlers (19 months old)all in a small space having to share and taking turns.

After the two hours I was convinced I will never open a daycare :) . Nursery school maybe~~ I like setting up activities and having a bit more structure to the day.

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madre adoptiva said...

hahaha... welcome to my world. Though, I only have two 3 year olds, a two year old, two 19 month olds a 13 month old, and soon, a 6 week old to watch. The key is to baby proof the crap out of your house, set a few firm rules (no running, no climbing, no throwing toys and absolutely no hitting/biting/pushing/pulling/etc.) and relax about other stuff. Today we're coloring easter eggs over here... wish me luck!

madre adoptiva said...

Oh, by the way, I got your slippers the other day. Thank you so much, they're fantastic. They are still a bit big on Sage's teeny tiny feet, but she loves them. I'm glad she has room to grow because I love them so much.

BePe Baby said...

Good luck ... I had boiled eggs to try today and then decided against it today! Don't know how you do it and still manage to get through and find time for you.. I was a wreck half the time if I wasn't seeing all of them.