Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Nap schedules

So I am on round two with baby napping and I know thatat the baby baby stage they should take 2 long naps and a catnap to get the appropriate , and restful type of sleep they need. But my kids are NOT flexible AT ALL!!!

Logan took 20 minute naps and was miserable all the time as a baby. He is a great sleeper now as long as I don't mess with his schedule but if he misses his nap or it is cut short... WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!! He is a disaster all night and wakes through the night in tears :( He was never a motion sleeper, hated the car and the swing, fought to keep his eyes open and never made it peacefully from one sleep cycle to the next. It stressed me out to no end. He flat out refused to sleep anywhere but his own spaces too. For a short time he slept only in our bed , then only in the pack and play. Then he was unable to sleep near us. He would play and roll and toss for hours. he moved to his crib again and now does wonderful in there, as long as there is not noise and it is dark.

Landon was the same way in the start due to not being able to poop and always in pain. But now that that is sorted out he is a pretty good sleeper, but again, only in his space (the car seat) and if he misses a nap he turns in to the 20 minute nap monster that completely breaks down by 5:00 and he has trouble sleeping soundly at night too if this happens. We are battling this everyday that I go to my stroller work out class right now.. I have to disturb his nap and he just can't seem to recover easily..
It does get easier and I know it but it really stinks to be in the thick of it.

Oh well, life goes on. I just wanted to share with any other mommies who are also battling this. you are not alone and it does get better with time.. Good luck!
p.s I loved the No cry Sleep Method book. It was a savior for us to get Logan sleeping at night.
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Brenda said...

Oh good luck with the napping! That was super stressful with Mallory, too. She FINALLY takes 1 decent nap and sleeps at night....only took 15 months. :) Keep your chin up!