Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All is finally well!!

Landon went to the G.I.
it turns out he was not pooping all of the time but instead leaking stool due to overflow constipation.. his Body could not figure out how to release stool no matter how loose it was. We are now on hypoallergenic formula. He started acting much happier when we made the switch and even managed to poop twice on his own over a few days time. We also visited the G.I. after me having to manually empty him out every 2 days (YUCK!!) I was ready to figure out the problem. He did a rectal exam with his pinky (Landon screamed like all hell). He said that he was smaller then normal down there but that he had likely stretched him out with the exam.. Well since that appointment he has been pooping on his own daily !!! He is happy and calm and has been sleeping great too :)

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Melissa said...

That's great news!! My older son was like that. He too ended up being put on a hypoallergenic formula...cost a fortune...but worked.