Monday, May 9, 2011

What Have The Boys Been Up To?

The boys and some of their friends, from our Striding days,(which really means their friends outside of Logan's school, since we still Stride)played soccer together and rounded out the season with a day of balloon soccer and trophy's.

Gymnastics session 2 also ended with a first place ribbon and award as well as a chance to stand on the 1st place winners block. This is not them on the winners block.
Using up all of grampy's gas for a day of fun in the yard. I don't think he was ever happier to see me pull in the driveway to take them home, after they had stayed for the weekend!!!
Making use of large boxes was fun but keeping them out of the way for the rest of the week that the boys got to play with them was not so fun.
And my little sweet faces acting as if they hadn't just been wrestling on the ground minutes before causing tears and screams. Mommy called a mandatory apple snack break!

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