Thursday, January 10, 2008

There is Something to be Said for Baby Wearing

So here is my update..

Logan is sick, with something that people are telling me sounds like the croupe. Might be taking him to the dr. tomorrow if he is not doing better but today seemed slightly better then yesterday.. (crossing fingers)

Landon went from leaking out watery, mucusy stool all day to doing nothing. I was asked to do two stool samples tests, to check for blood in them and he stopped all together. 3 days with nothing. The dr sent me for some glycerin supositories and with those we got a major erruption.. Poor guy had atleast 3 days worth of stool stuck in there. It just wouldn't stop gushing out (sorry TMI). I have been back to 100% breastfeeding for 5 days and his stool is still not seedy at all. He is also refluxing a lot.. Could be to do with how he tenses up his belly in pain through the day.

Anyway, Landon refuses to be put down.. He screams non-stop.. When he falls asleep he wakes within 5-15 min. He will only settle back in if he is being held or on someones chest.. I feel bad for the little man knowing he is feeling pain and discomfort with the whole stool issues. So I decided to sling him and wear him as much as possible to try and give us all some peace.

Today I showered way early and left him snuggled in my bed (even though he did cry) and then in the sling he went and in the sling he stayed. We went on two long walks today.. Which helped me feel good. helped Logan's cough, and kept Landon snoozing off and on.. He had 4 or 5 meltdowns even in the sling stiffening and passing gas and spitting up but they lasted 45 min or less. The worst was at 4:15 tonight. Normally he would cry for 4-6 hours on end at this point.. tonight was only 1.5 hours :) Much ,much better. After that I was able to calm him and put him in the sling again. After a short while I took him sling and all and plopped him in the bobby pillow and there he has slept for over and hour :) This is the first nap he has taken without being held that has lasted over 30 min in alomst 2 weeks.

So I am feeling pretty darn lucky tonight:) Hope you all had a nice day too


Leah said...

I had very very easy babies who very rarely cried. I don't know how I would have dealt with the stool issues, reflux, dietary restrictions you've gone through with your boys. You're an awesome mama for sure and I admire you for all you do for your boys!

BTW-I loved wearing Joshua in the sling.

Brenda said...

Yay sling! :) Poor Landon, I sure hope you're able to get some answers soon - sounds miserable!

And croup sucks. I had it all the time as a kid. Hope that's not what Logan has!

madre adoptiva said...

Thank God for slings, huh?? I'm sorry Landon is having such issues with his digestion, and I sure hope it clears up soon. Hang in there mama... you're doing great!!

SarahRachel said...

Oh gosh!! That sounds so hard. But I totally am an advocate of baby wearing. That was my sanity when Jackson was really little. You're SUPER MAMA! I hope both the babies are feeling better! =)

Melissa said...

How is everyone feeling now? Better I hope!